When I met Karolyn I found it hard to manage my stress and was suffering from severe heartburn and needed help in finding the root cause of my stress and learning new techniques to manage it.

Karolyn is very intuitive and shows great insight. Through a series of questioning, she helped me to find new ways of dealing with the impact of the unavoidable stresses that we all experience daily. It has been invaluable and now I am able to work with these challenges in a healthier manner. This has had a positive effect on my work production and has enabled me to be more efficient and manage my workload more productively.
My work and personal relationships have benefitted enormously as I am no longer the stress ball that I was before started off this journey with Karolyn.
We had some fun along the way, discovering and exploring a brighter and easier way of life going forward.  She also addressed nutrition and we found delicious and healthy food habits that resulted in much more energy, my health benefitted and I no longer suffer from heartburn.  I am so grateful that I met Karolyn and I recommend her highly, she is 100% on board and was a constant in my life for the 3 months that we worked together.  She is super compassionate and supportive but at the same time pushed me to challenge my unhealthy habits and thinking. 

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