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I have lived my life believing that anything is possible with a good dose of passion, vision, drive and tenacity.

I believe that how you feel about yourself gives you the experience you have of life.

What you’re looking at today is a life-long journey, a kaleidoscope of many tumultuous twists and turns, but a life well lived; jam-packed with an abundance of adventure, achievement, purpose, vision and immense joy.

Along the way I have learnt to be versatile, flexible and welcome the flux. I’ve learned that desire is not selfish. It is a wise compass pointing you in the direction of your life’s purpose!

I spent the first half of my life, career coaching and interviewing on various corporate levels for my recruitment business clients.

Karolyn.Live was founded upon immigrating to the US. I incorporated Behavioral Habit Change into my practice using the Realign your Brilliance Program and began working with Moms and Teens as a Family Relationship Coach.

My life’s purpose is the work I do within the family unit. I work with mothers using the Moms and Teens program. Some of my most rewarding work is working directly with their Teens.

If I can stop the hurt, the destructive behavior, anger and pain by reconnecting a family unit, then my tumultuous life with all it’s experiences has been well worth it!

I hold a great deal of empathy instilled over a lifetime.

If we want to stay in touch with life and a life we want to live, we must be prepared to pivot, again and again.

I believe this is how Wisdom Dances!

Begin YourJourney!

Mentor Coaching

We all have a variety of areas in our lives where we feel STUCK in a Catch-22 or need a BREAKTHROUGH.

 Physical Wellness    Family Relationships     Motivation     Balance     Direction

This powerful neurological methodology includes a special sequence of questioning which is designed to dive right in, connect our three decision-making centers – Brain, Body and Heart, and find out what’s really going on. Then we put together workable action steps including a timeline, all in the space of approximately only 30 mins.   

The plusses of this method are that the success ratio is phenomenal, the process is 
less time consuming for the client and we end strong with a clear cut vision on how to move forward. 

There is always the option to add a follow-up to the single session, but it’s not a necessity.

Transformation Coaching Package


Series of 8 “Realign your Brilliance” Sessions taken over a period of 8-12 weeks. We work at your pace throughout the course.

Each session will be approximately 1 hour long.

We will cover the outline and result driven plan during the FREE 30 – 40 min Breakthrough Session (initial consultation) plus a submitted intake form. This is to ensure that the course is a right fit for your personal needs.


At the start of the program, we will work together to quantify your desired goal, construct a results driven plan of action that will ensure inevitable success, within an agreed time period. We take into account your current environment, the exact work to be done, how you would like to be held accountable, rewarding milestones achieved.

Throughout these sessions we work with your internal belief system and how this is affecting your external world.

Moms and Teens Program


Web-based Online 1:1 Coaching Program

  • Online Portal: 80-Day Program, 1 Module every 10 days.
  • Each module includes carefully structured and curated webinar teachings, handouts and self-assessment tools.
  • 3 x 40-min 1:1 Personal Coaching Calls to make integrating the learning into your unique family easy.
  • Open-ended support for 6 months and beyond – a necessity to instill new communication and relationship habits.

Throughout our program, we empower mothers to transform their challenging relationship with their teens into a strong mother-child bond, ensuring their child leaves home as an independent, responsible young adult.

We address self-doubt, anxiety, indecision, poor self-esteem, overwhelm, and lethargy in both mom and teen, reducing anger, frustration, and acting out.

Our program equips you with communication tools to help your teen navigate the transitions into adulthood with purpose, direction, and well-being.


  • Investment Plans offered upon request during the Free Breakthrough Session.
  • Every month I make a limited number of discounted sliding scale appointments available for clients dealing with low-income or temporary financial hardship. To qualify, get in touch and tell me about your situation. If my sliding scale slots are full, you can request to be put on my waiting list. Please respect that these slots are intended for those who truly need them.
  • All information shared is treated with complete confidentiality.




Laser focused


Shift out of

tunnel vision




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Follow-ups can be

arranged but not

necessary for results.

Moms & Teens




Social, Life


Skills & 

Mental Fitness




Learning Portal


3 Online


Coaching Calls

6 Months Support

Various Payment
options available
on request, on
completion of the
Free Breakthrough Session

Realign your Brilliance

8 Transformation

Sessions during which

you will discover your

sense of purpose,

gain an improved

self-image, a

strong sense

of self-worth,

increased vibrancy

and cleanse your

intuition using the

Neuroscience of 

Habit Change


Various Payment

options available

on request, on

completion of the

Free Breakthrough


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