I engaged Karolyn initially as I was struggling with a range of issues; dietary/personal growth / general happiness. I didn’t know how to love myself, nor felt I deserved to, no matter how hard I tried.

Karolyn created the safest space filled with knowledge, acceptance, kindness, encouragement, and love. She was able to guide me through the emotions I had and instilled a mindset of curiosity, and kindness without judgment. She equipped me with the tools I needed without allowing me to feel like a failure. Instead, I feel proud and loved from deep inside my heart!

​Significant results include being able to step back from overwhelm and practicing meditations and breathing techniques. My husband and family relationships have improved by learning to better communicate my needs and also to consider someone else’s perspective without assuming.

Previously it was difficult to train as I was so judgmental about my fitness level and body image – now it’s the best part of my day! I approach each training session with self-love and acceptance. 

I love knowing which foods give me energy and now embrace making healthier choices.

What I loved most about coaching with Karolyn is that she has loads of knowledge, passion, love, drive, grit, energy, and joy and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to “Realign my brilliance” with Karolyn as my coach!

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