Mom of Young Adult

When my son decided to come back home not only were we elated but very thankful! I immediately could tell that my son, was experiencing emotions and having to make life choices that he was finding very difficult to work through. I decided to reach out and suggested he speak to someone who is not directly involved. Due to the situation he agreed to seek the counseling advice from Karolyn.

Since meeting with Karolyn, my son has definitely come out of his shell and his confidence has just soared! When in conversation I can hear that he has found making decisions easier without feeling fear or judgement. He is responsive and his communication skills have also improved. Whereas before he would not speak or mumble which often led him to disappointment.

I highly recommend Karolyn Hawker! We, our family keep going from strength to strength! Thank you for your consistency Karolyn in your professional guidance and expertise in what you do!

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