Mom of Two Teens

My journey with Karolyn has been so rewarding. Her mind opening work has given me a set of tools that I never before considered, and have worked in ways I did not expect was possible.

The work is hard and has required a complete shift in my parental conditioning, but when I see my children stand tall as humans who feel understood, or when they come to me with issues or stories or connections, I feel confident we are on the right track.

I am still learning, still creating new habits, but when I lead with love and curiosity, when I am kind to myself, when I allow for space to process, my interactions with my children are the kind that I have always desired.

Karolyn has been a lovely human to work with. She is patient, she reflects my victories when I can't see them, she believes in me. I leave each session feeling empowered and ready to take on this most important work!!

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