Mom of Tweens

My path crossed with Karolyn's when I was reaching out to find life coaching for my t(w)een daughters.

After a very fruitful first conversation, Karolyn recommended that I start with life coaching sessions for myself, and then take part in her mom and daughter course.

The sessions happened during a very stressful time for our family and looking back, I can clearly see how Karolyn's grounding exercises and coaching, helped me approach obstacles with a different world view. She really picked up on small issues that I didn't even mention and her thorough feedback after every session helped me address some things differently than I would usually do. I often spent the whole week after the session thinking about the profound feedback she gave.

I am also very excited to apply these lessons as the school year begins as I can already see a change in how I communicate with my girls, and how that guidance will be absolutely beneficial to their (and my!!) social and emotional development and well-being.

I look forward to having more sessions with Karolyn in the future.

Every woman actually needs some form of life coaching as a form of self-love. And moms with t(w)eenagers, even more so! You relationship with your daughters will become a real treasure.

Thank you Karolyn! I appreciate you.

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