School Counselor

Before coaching with Karolyn, I struggled with expectations of myself, of circumstances and of others. I know this because I had so much resentment in my life! It manifested in feelings of loss, and anger, frustration and sadness. Karolyn helped me realize I was setting myself up for disappointment by assuming or expecting something from others. I can only manage and control myself. Knowing this has helped my emotions become much more stable and healthy, and I feel greater happiness.

One of the significant insights I gained while coaching with Karolyn was Judgment vs Curiosity. After having lived only a few years in a new state, and beginning a new job situation, I didn’t realize I was making snap judgments of situations and people without pausing and getting curious. I learned that curiosity opens up my world to discovery, empathy and the ability to make genuine connections with others.

Another significant result I have experienced from coaching with Karolyn has been a change of mindset. She would ask me “what has nourished you this week?” I had never considered that thought. Previously, my inner dialogue had many negative feelings & frustrations. After considering this question, I was able to reframe my thoughts to see the many positive and promising things happening in my life.

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