Before Lifestyle coaching with Karolyn, I struggled with my confidence in making big decisions in my life and for my future. I also had issues with stress and insecurity about myself - my eating and health as well as school and sports.

Then Karolyn taught me to notice what I’m feeling without any judgment. She taught me to switch from judgment to amazement because beating yourself up about how you are feeling won't make anything better unless you try to see why you are feeling like that.

Taking care of yourself is not a chore, it is exciting and makes you feel better to get that to-do list checked off because you are doing it for your health. She taught me to embrace my emotions and share what I am feeling so that my feelings don't bottle up inside until the pressure gets too much and I explode. One last big thing is she taught me that change, no matter how sad it is, is good, because it is time to grow, try new things, and meet new people; celebrating memories and the past isn't always sad because of that reason.

The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Karolyn are: I now think about food and actions that will make me feel my best, which has totally changed my life. This has made me feel better about exercise which is a big part of my life, as well as going through the day without crashing or feeling too full. I make sure to fuel myself up with foods that will energize me and that I enjoy!

What I loved most about coaching with Karolyn is sharing my stories with her and all the ah-ha moments when I realized something about myself that was preventing me from being my best self. I am so thankful that she is such an amazing listener and shows so much empathy to help me understand my questions and problems.

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