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Mom of 2 Young Teens

I signed up for Karolyn's coaching to help me understand my reactions in my parenting and implement changes into my life in concrete ways. Karolyn's insights and resources have been very helpful...

the steps she teaches and models are pragmatic, bite-sized, and helpful in nurturing growth and compassion.

After each module there are days to implement and be coached on that particular piece. Some habits are quite ingrained and take time to replace, and Karolyn was very helpful in addressing the challenge this creates!

Heather A
Businesswoman with Teenage Daughter

Before coaching with Karolyn, I struggled with my relationship with my daughter. We fought constantly, were always yelling at each other, there were many times we never seemed to...

even be able to enjoy fun activities together. There were times where my husband hated to come home because of the constant bickering and arguments.

I gained many insights working with Karolyn more than I can probably list here. I learned about myself, learned to listen, be more present, slow down, and most importantly how to not judge or jump to thoughts but understand and learn the source of the issues. I also learned we all say things in different ways and understanding what a person is saying may not be what you’re hearing and vice versa.

Karolyn’s coaching has resulted in significant changes in our home. The constantly yelling has stopped and my ability to handle situations that previously resulted in disputes, hours of not speaking, or constant bickering have stopped.

I enjoyed each lesson and looked forward to moving on to the next, but most importantly I love the changes I have been able to make through the journey. They have impacted more than just how I communicate with my daughter, but with other family members, friends, and co-workers. This program brough insight that will help me long tern continue to develop, grow and improve my relationship with my daughter.

I was sceptical if this program would help or if it would be beneficial, but looking back it was one of the best parenting decisions I have ever made.

Mom of 2 Teens

My journey with Karolyn has been so rewarding. Her mind opening work has given me a set of tools that I never before considered, and have worked in ways I did not expect was possible.

The work is hard and has required a complete shift in my parental conditioning, but when I see my children stand tall as humans who feel understood, or when they come to me with issues or stories or connections, I feel confident we are on the right track.

I am still learning, still creating new habits, but when I lead with love and curiosity, when I am kind to myself, when I allow for space to process, my interactions with my children are the kind that I have always desired.

Karolyn has been a lovely human to work with. She is patient, she reflects my victories when I can't see them, she believes in me. I leave each session feeling empowered and ready to take on this most important work!!

Mom of Seven

Before coaching with Karolyn, I struggled with expectations of myself, of circumstances and of others. I know this because I had so much resentment in my life! It manifested in...

feelings of loss, and anger, frustration and sadness. Karolyn helped me realize I was setting myself up for disappointment by assuming or expecting something from others. I can only manage and control myself. Knowing this has helped my emotions become much more stable and healthy, and I feel greater happiness.

Mom of Young Adult

When my son decided to come back home not only were we elated but very thankful! I immediately could tell that my son, was experiencing emotions and having to make life choices that he was finding very...

difficult to work through. I decided to reach out and suggested he speak to someone who is not directly involved. Due to the situation he agreed to seek the counseling advice from Karolyn.

Since meeting with Karolyn, my son has definitely come out of his shell and his confidence has just soared! When in conversation I can hear that he has found making decisions easier without feeling fear or judgement. He is responsive and his communication skills have also improved. Whereas before he would not speak or mumble which often led him to disappointment.

I highly recommend Karolyn Hawker! We, our family keep going from strength to strength! Thank you for your consistency Karolyn in your professional guidance and expertise in what you do!

Mom of Tweens

My path crossed with Karolyn's when I was reaching out to find life coaching for my t(w)een daughters. After a very fruitful first conversation, Karolyn recommended that I start...

with life coaching sessions for myself, and then take part in her mom and daughter course.

The sessions happened during a very stressful time for our family and looking back, I can clearly see how Karolyn's grounding exercises and coaching, helped me approach obstacles with a different world view. She really picked up on small issues that I didn't even mention and her thorough feedback after every session helped me address some things differently than I would usually do. I often spent the whole week after the session thinking about the profound feedback she gave.

I am also very excited to apply these lessons as the school year begins as I can already see a change in how I communicate with my girls, and how that guidance will be absolutely beneficial to their (and my!!) social and emotional development and well-being.

I look forward to having more sessions with Karolyn in the future.

Every woman actually needs some form of life coaching as a form of self-love. And moms with t(w)eenagers, even more so! You relationship with your daughters will become a real treasure.

Thank you Karolyn! I appreciate you.

Mom & School Counselor

One of the significant insights I gained while coaching with Karolyn was Judgment vs Curiosity. After having lived only a few years in a new state, and...

beginning a new job situation, I didn’t realize I was making snap judgments of situations and people without pausing and getting curious. I learned that curiosity opens up my world to discovery, empathy and the ability to make genuine connections with others.

Another significant result I have experienced from coaching with Karolyn has been a change of mindset. She would ask me “what has nourished you this week?” I had never considered that thought. Previously, my inner dialogue had many negative feelings & frustrations. After considering this question, I was able to reframe my thoughts to see the many positive and promising things happening in my life.

Mom of 3 Teens

My teenage daughter was very anxious about her grades at school and the college application process. She was crying herself to sleep at night.
After working with Karolyn...

She is now happy and relaxed, and confident about going to college. She is managing difficult situations in a calm and logical way. The strategies she has learnt have also helped with how she approaches her sport and taking care of herself (diet and sleep).

Thanks so much for working with my daughter! She has really turned a huge corner and seems to be her happy wonderful self! She is so smart and fabulous and I think she is finally realizing that, and that the possibilities are endless!!!


Before Lifestyle coaching with Karolyn, I struggled with my confidence in making big decisions in my life and for my future. I also had issues with stress and insecurity about myself...

my eating and health as well as school and sports.
Then Karolyn taught me to notice what I’m feeling without any judgment. She taught me to switch from judgment to amazement because beating yourself up about how you are feeling won't make anything better unless you try to see why you are feeling like that. Taking care of yourself is not a chore, it is exciting and makes you feel better to get that to-do list checked off because you are doing it for your health. She taught me to embrace my emotions and share what I am feeling so that my feelings don't bottle up inside until the pressure gets too much and I explode. One last big thing is she taught me that change, no matter how sad it is, is good, because it is time to grow, try new things, and meet new people; celebrating memories and the past isn't always sad because of that reason.

The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Karolyn are: I now think about food and actions that will make me feel my best, which has totally changed my life. This has made me feel better about exercise which is a big part of my life, as well as going through the day without crashing or feeling too full. I make sure to fuel myself up with foods that will energize me and that I enjoy!

What I loved most about coaching with Karolyn is sharing my stories with her and all the ah-ha moments when I realized something about myself that was preventing me from being my best self. I am so thankful that she is such an amazing listener and shows so much empathy to help me understand my questions and problems.

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