Stephanie Paul


Bev bev

When I met Karolyn I found it hard to manage my stress and was suffering from severe heartburn and needed help in finding the root cause of my stress and learning new techniques to manage it. Karolyn is very intuitive and shows great insight. Through a series of questioning, she helped me to find new […]


Daniella Daniella

I engaged Karolyn initially as I was struggling with a range of issues; dietary/personal growth / general happiness. I didn’t know how to love myself, nor felt I deserved to, no matter how hard I tried. Karolyn created the safest space filled with knowledge, acceptance, kindness, encouragement, and love. She was able to guide me […]


Nadine Nadine

My sessions with Karolyn have been extremely helpful, eye-opening, and life-changing. Karolyn helped me realize that most of my negative experiences were born from not putting up my own boundaries and that I often self-sabotage relationships and outcomes in my life due to making assumptions about situations and people.  When we started she asked me […]


Kirsty Kirsty

Karolyn is a go-getter – a professional that is innovative, highly intelligent, approachable and a brilliant mentor. I have enjoyed working with Karolyn and appreciated the creative flair and transparency that she brought to the table.


Maryka Maryka

Group HR Manager I recommend Karolyn Hawker wholeheartedly. She is highly talented, energetic, influential, ethical, and always gives more than you even expect. She has amazing drive. She has never disappointed me ever. Karolyn is the one person who in my view that is just BEYOND AMAZING at what she does and more importantly who […]

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